The start-up revolution: how Australia and New Zealand are raising the stakes

tech start-ups

Start-ups – innovators want to establish them and investors want to be part of them. These companies have reached cult status in recent years thanks to their ability to drive innovation, meet market needs and deliver solid return on investment. But what is it about the start-up sector that has the world scrambling to get […]

Talent Unleashed – Startup City #6 San Francisco

The iconic golden gate bridge Talent touches down in tech town! Next in our Talent Unleashed Startup City series we report to you from the startup capital of the world, San Francisco.  You don’t have to be a tech aficionado to know Silicon Valley is where it’s happening. And boy we have not been disappointed – this is the testing ground for so […]

Lessons on technology entrepreneurship from Mark Zuckerberg

If you’re beginning an IT startup, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can give you some great insights into what it takes to be a success. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the world’s most well known entrepreneurs, and for good reason. At just 19 he created Facebook with the help of some of his fellow Harvard students, and […]

Startup hub expansion promises 2016 success

Many of the trends that defined 2016 will roll over into the new year, with startup excitement a key driver for new IT jobs. What do you need to know? As the world’s IT professionals return from a holiday to a brand new year, many will have their sights on expansion and diversification for the […]

Gartner reveals changing tech trends: What does your startup need to know?

The top tech trends for the coming years have been revealed. Which ones should your startup focus on for the best chance of success? Successful startups depend on being at the forefront of innovation. Their small size means they’re agile enough to react quickly to evolving technology trends, allowing these businesses to make their own unique […]

How can startups create value?

Australia is home to more than one million small businesses. Here’s what new startups need to do to succeed in this competitive environment. Startups across Australia face a number of difficulties when it comes to creating value. After all, the tech industry is dominated by giants such as Apple, Samsung and IBM, just to name […]

Spotlight on the world’s best startup hubs

Along with Silicon Valley, there are a number of start-up scenes around the world that are proving to be essential hubs for budding entrepreneurs. The rise of digital communication hasn’t diminished the value of real-world interaction. While it’s now possible to create and manage a multi-million dollar start-up from the comfort of your bedroom, many […]