Is your resume costing you job interviews?

If you interview well, you’ll usually get the job, but what about getting a foot in the door to start with? It all comes back to your resume. Before applying for any job, many people tend to run through a list of the different factors that might hinder their chances – a lack of experience, the wrong qualification, […]

How to talk about your weaknesses in an interview

Discussing your flaws doesn’t have to be tricky. Find out how you can use your weaknesses to your advantage in your next IT job interview. When you’re looking for a new IT job, you’re probably accustomed to talking yourself up to recruiters, and emphasising your hirable qualities every chance you get. So when you get to […]

Women still absent from leadership positions – Are start-ups the answer?

The demand for more women in leadership roles coincides with a growing start-up scene in Australia. How will one influence the other? The balance of power in the modern workforce is shifting. People are no longer limited to just working nine to five, with the IT industry in particular changing drastically in this regard. Now, […]