Pokemon don’t Go there: Ownership of virtual space

The Pokemon Go app has popularised augmented reality, but do businesses need to watch out for issues of ownership when utilising virtual space? Humans have been bickering over the land and sea since the dawn of time, and with the invention of the aeroplane, the debate got even more complicated. Can anyone own the air above the […]

Becoming a software developer

Software developer roles are some of the most exciting on the job market. Don’t wait to take the steps necessary to start a job in this field. Software developers and app developer roles are becoming a larger part of the modern work force. Many people don’t even fully understand what software developers do. Simply put, you […]

Which businesses are leading IT security in Asia?

As the demand for IT security rises, different regions will respond to concerns in their own way. A recent review of IDC highlights how Asia/Pacific is responding. As the third platform of IT technologies (mobile, cloud computing and big data) spreads throughout businesses worldwide, security services and methods need to adapt and evolve alongside them. […]