4 in-demand tech skills companies will look out for in 2018

tech skills in demand

2018 is here, and it’s a time for new beginnings. For many, this will mean a change in career. Some candidates might even decide to get into tech contracting to take advantage of the increased opportunities and flexibility it comes with. With the new year, however, also comes a different set of in-demand skills in […]

3 of the most desired tech contractor skills in AU and NZ

tech skills for contractors

The technology skills gap in this part of the world isn’t improving; Deloitte forecasts that Australia alone will require an additional 81,000 tech workers by 2023. Meanwhile, in New Zealand, technology roles remain firmly on the skill shortage list, even despite a recent tightening of immigration laws. While the skills gap is proving a struggle for […]

What do you need for a job in app development?

job app development tips

App development is one of the most exciting and innovative careers a tech professional can get into. With mobile devices, programming languages and customer needs constantly changing, it’s a dynamic and fast-moving industry, and it’s also one that’s expanding. A Progressive Policy Institute report released in March this year estimates that jobs in the Australian […]

App creation a highly employable skill set

The app market is growing, and many businesses are struggling to keep up. How can jobseekers looking for app developer roles make use of the demand? The mobile device has become a staple in the daily life of consumers everywhere, leading to a rising number of businesses creating apps to tap into this ripe audience […]

6 tips for acing your next IT job interview

Although interviews can be intimidating for many IT candidates, knowing the steps you can take to prepare will make you more likely to be successful. Interviews can be challenging for anyone – there is a lot of pressure that comes along with them because they can have a significant impact on the likelihood of receiving […]

Are startups the solution to bad battery life?

The energy consumption of devices has long inhibited their use by consumers, and this issue provides a lot of opportunity for startups with a fix. The capabilities of our technology are evolving constantly, and at the same time, the size of our devices are also shrinking. The trend is for thin, light, fast technology which is able […]

The IT factor: Targeting your job search to the industry

To perfect your job search, it’s important that you tailor your application to the IT industry so you can show that you meet the requirements. Job seeking is a complex process that requires applicants to pay attention to a variety of different aspects all at once. The CV, the cover letter, the interview and the […]

Keep your skills current to advance your IT career

With the IT industry in a constant state of growth and evolution, how can IT professionals keep their skills up-to-date with the market? It is a well-known fact that the Australian IT industry is continuing to experience rapid expansion. As a result there are many positions available to advance your career in IT if you […]

CV advice: Don’t just list your skills, tell a story

Storytelling is changing the way candidates and organisations approach the recruiting process. What are the advantages of this? Experienced candidates are quite familiar with the various procedures involved with recruitment. After all, writing a competent CV has become something of a science, and job interviews are often full of tropes and cliched questions. As the IT […]