Cyber security trends to look out for and what they mean for you

As the threat of cyber attacks grows, you can’t wait until the last minute to find the right talent. Talent’s Cyber Security Practice lead Simon Mansfield explains why. According to data by Symantec, in January 2017 alone, 419,000 web attacks were blocked per day. It’s a number that doesn’t include scams, phishing emails or other […]

How the differences in cyber crime leave your business vulnerable to attacks

Cyber security threats affect every industry. In this article we share our insights about business vulnerability, types of cyber crime and what you can do to prevent being a victim of cyber-attack.   How vulnerable are different industries to cyber attacks? First things first, there is no such thing as 100 per cent security for […]

Health IT is gaining ground, but security is still a concern

IT is becoming increasingly important to the future of healthcare, but along with the benefits and job opportunities comes concerns about security. Of all the industries being shaped by technology, healthcare is one of the most important. As populations get older and become exposed to a shifting selection of illnesses, it’s essential that the sector […]

Cyber Security – How LinkedIn profiles are a goldmine for hackers

When looking for a new role, one of the first things cyber security professionals usually do is update their LinkedIn profile. You list in detail your areas of technical expertise and experience for your current and past positions, you have done great work and want to showcase your achievements. Most employees are now well aware […]

The rising pressure to invest in more IT security talent

Many businesses are not currently focusing enough on cyber security. As a result, the demand for skilled IT professionals may rise. Imagine you are sitting in a cafe having a deep conversation with friend. You can tell that the person behind you is listening in and you don’t want them to overhear anything personal about […]

Rising cybersecurity breaches means security talent in demand

An increase in cyberthreats means that IT security specialists will be much in demand by businesses in the future. Cybersecurity is a constant issue for most businesses today, and the number of threats is only growing. One of the factors that affects how businesses cope with cyberthreats is their IT talent, as it is these professionals […]

Does Australia need more cybersecurity specialists?

As cyberthreats to Australia continue to evolve, the shortage of IT specialists must be filled by professionals to provide the best protection. With Australia’s cyberthreat environment continually expanding, there is a need for more cybersecurity specialists to strengthen the country’s online defences. A recent press release by the Commonwealth Bank announced that to combat the […]

Security set to define digital strategies in Australia

As digital business strategies become more prominent with Australian companies, how will security expenditure evolve in the near future? As the number of digital devices and procedures present in workplaces continues to grow, businesses need to consider how they can integrate technology smoothly with staff and existing processes. According to technology research firm Gartner, one of […]

Cybersecurity threatens Australian family businesses

All businesses face largely the same challenges, with the ever-present quest for expansion put to the test by the adoption of new technology. This journey into new digital realms brings its own challenges, and while most companies are coping to some extent, Ernst & Young (EY) discovered that family-owned businesses across Australia are struggling with cybersecurity […]