In the digital age, it’s about the experience

In the past, a good customer experience has been about the friendly in-person service you deliver. Digital technology has changed that. Today’s consumer want to have a smooth, worthwhile digital experience that allows them to seamlessly interact with your brand and its offerings. But this is no longer merely optional: the digital experience has become a fundamental […]

Becoming a software developer

Software developer roles are some of the most exciting on the job market. Don’t wait to take the steps necessary to start a job in this field. Software developers and app developer roles are becoming a larger part of the modern work force. Many people don’t even fully understand what software developers do. Simply put, you […]

The key to a killer CV: Tell the truth

Many jobseekers are tempted to embellish their CV to make themselves look better, but studies have shown that honesty really is the best policy. Recruiters see copious amounts of CVs on a daily basis, and many of them are largely uninspiring. Because of this, it can be tempting to embellish your resume a little in order […]

How to find your dream startup job

Startup companies are an important feature of the IT industry. What do the next generation of candidates need to know about these businesses? Candidates that are new to the workforce have a range of different paths to take to progress their career. While some may dream of working their way through the larger organisations dominating the […]

6 obscure interview questions and how to answer them professionally

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The way that you answer obscure interview questions could be the difference between receiving a job offer or not. How should you handle them? There is no doubt that a job interview is a hotbed of stress. The candidate is concerned about highlighting themselves as the best person for the role, while the business wants […]