Is that job worth a shot? Here’s how to tell

Do you have limited time to look for a new IT job? Here’s how you can ensure you’re applying for roles that are worth the effort. No matter how much you want a new IT job, you probably don’t have endless hours to devote to the search. This is especially true if you’re looking while […]

Are startups the solution to bad battery life?

The energy consumption of devices has long inhibited their use by consumers, and this issue provides a lot of opportunity for startups with a fix. The capabilities of our technology are evolving constantly, and at the same time, the size of our devices are also shrinking. The trend is for thin, light, fast technology which is able […]

Redefining gender equality in the IT industry

The gender imbalance in the IT industry is one that still persists. How can business leaders and other organisations change this trend? There is no simple solution to address the continued gender imbalance in the IT industry, as it takes concerted efforts at all levels of an organisation to create more supportive environments for all […]

Demand for IT jobs expected to rise over the next 5 years

A forecast from the Department of Employment brings good news for jobseekers, with opportunities in the IT industry expected to increase. The Australian government’s Department of Employment (DoE) has released its annual report focusing on development within industries around the country. It brings good news for people looking for jobs in the IT industry, with […]

What trends are influencing startups in 2015?

Startups are part of the ever-changing tech world, and this nature is reflected in the trends shaping these growing companies. Startup companies have taken the tech world by storm in recent years, with visionary founders promoting innovative and often revolutionary ideas to keen audiences across the globe. Naturally, this has prompted a wave of interest […]

How to avoid missing career opportunities?

With the pace of the modern job market, it can be difficult to feel like you have everything sorted. These tips can help you stay on track. It can be tough to keep track of everything when looking for employment, with the modern job search now sprawled across social media, newspapers, job sites and – […]