What is luxury e-commerce?

E-commerce is an established feature of the retail marketplace. How is this evolving for specialist brands with luxury goods and services? The rise of e-commerce has changed the retail marketplace for consumers and businesses. The fact companies like Amazon can exist with such a small number of physical stores is testament to this. However, not all […]

E-commerce further aligns with social media

E-commerce is proving to be a valuable addition to business strategy, especially for the millennial demographic. Is your business prepared? The rapid evolution of e-commerce is continuing, particularly in the way it aligns with an organisation’s social media strategy. Previously, these businesses were limited to directing traffic to separate platforms through posts on Facebook, Twitter […]

How can women succeed in IT startups?

Startups provide entrepreneurs with the ability to turn their passions into a business. Here are some tips for women to get ahead. Success in IT startups is all about innovation. The barriers that can restrain larger companies are often nonexistent, meaning individuals can exploit ideas and capitalise on current trends. Startups are also a potential remedy for […]