Meandering on the modern career path

Your IT career does not develop in straight line, but in a winding path. Find out how you can remain adaptable and achieve career goals. As a professional in the technology industry developing your IT career is likely to be an important goal. But what happens when you feel as though you have reached a plateau […]

Uber is truly a modern company

Uber successfully utilises technology in its business model. The convenience of having Uber in your pocket goes a long way. The evolution of modern companies is made possible by the use of new technologies. Now, marketplace startups follow a different path to success. Companies such as Uber and AirBnB have been using a strategy that builds trust […]

How can social media save lives?

Social media and mobile technology are defining the modern world, but how many knew they were key to keeping people safe in a crisis? While plenty of people will be used to taking to social media in times of personal crisis, new research has found that it actually has enough of an influence to keep […]