2017 Talent Unleashed Awards now open!

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We are excited to announce that the Talent Unleashed Awards are now open for entries! We’re calling those who are innovating, changing and unleashing new and inspiring technologies and ideas into the workplace and community to enter now. “Innovation is in our DNA – we started these awards five years ago to support the brightest technology ideas […]

Mobile developer roles and cybersecurity

The security of mobile devices can be a pressing issue for businesses, and it turns out that their software developers could be part of the problem. Having a good cybersecurity system means considering a number of different factors. In today’s mobile business environment, mobile cybersecurity is one aspect that companies should not forget. While a large […]

Mobile payments to define Asia-Pacific region

The world’s e-commerce developments are dependent on flexible payment solutions. If retailers and other businesses want people to shop from anywhere, they need to be able to pay from anywhere. Now that these trends are finding their favour with businesses, research has discovered that consumers are also getting on board. In particular, the Asia-Pacific region is […]

How can social media save lives?

Social media and mobile technology are defining the modern world, but how many knew they were key to keeping people safe in a crisis? While plenty of people will be used to taking to social media in times of personal crisis, new research has found that it actually has enough of an influence to keep […]

Mobile workstations set to takeover from desktops

The office environment is changing. While employees used to be confined to desktops when undertaking work on computers, first the invention of the laptop and then the proliferation of other mobile devices meant that the modern employee was soon free from the shackles of the cubicle. According to research from International Data Corporation (IDC), the […]

What is the future of mobile apps?

Those who have already switched their focus to the upcoming smartwatch revolution may be surprised to find there is still some life left in the future of mobile app development. While it may seem like consumers can already do everything they could possibly need – and more – with these devices, the business market is still contributing […]

Are IT threats linked to certain demographics?

Young people are often credited with being technological experts, born into a world where they had no choice but to get to grips with computers and smartphones. So they should be the leaders in using the devices effectively in the workplace, right? According to new research from Aruba Networks, businesses aren’t ready for the rush […]

Mobile World Congress 2015 – Cool New Tech Trends

The city of Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress (MWC) for the tenth year in a row at the start of March, with a number of the tech world’s big players in attendance. With brand new products being unveiled and the future of the industry teased, the conference created plenty of headlines. The following are […]