How Silicon Valley visa changes could affect the Australian IT Recruitment market

The United States is often regarded as the hub of all things technology. From the booming companies in Silicon Valley to the countless university research departments, thought leadership and innovation almost go hand in hand with the nation – recruiting the best and brightest from around the world. However, over recent months, new measures have been […]

2017 Talent Unleashed Awards now open!

Technology, Awards, Start-up, Digital

We are excited to announce that the Talent Unleashed Awards are now open for entries! We’re calling those who are innovating, changing and unleashing new and inspiring technologies and ideas into the workplace and community to enter now. “Innovation is in our DNA – we started these awards five years ago to support the brightest technology ideas […]

What does being overqualified mean for the recruitment process?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the role overqualified candidates play in a workforce. What needs to change? There are a number of aspects of the job application process that can add extra stress for candidates. From wondering whether the role is the right one to questions regarding potential remuneration, it’s not always easy […]

Talent International cements its place in the Digital Marketplace with G-Cloud 7


Talent International ( ) has been selected as one of a small group of recruitment partners added to the new G-Cloud 7 Framework for Testing and Quality Assurance Services.  The move will see Talent further strengthen its position as the leading IT recruitment partner to the UK public sector. G-Cloud 7 is the latest iteration […]

E-commerce further aligns with social media

E-commerce is proving to be a valuable addition to business strategy, especially for the millennial demographic. Is your business prepared? The rapid evolution of e-commerce is continuing, particularly in the way it aligns with an organisation’s social media strategy. Previously, these businesses were limited to directing traffic to separate platforms through posts on Facebook, Twitter […]

E-commerce joins international markets together

Digital business and e-commerce trends are redefining the way organisations function. How can they capitalise their potential? The global market is becoming smaller by the day, and IT professionals are the ones tasked with maintaining the networks, systems and infrastructure that connect countries together. Commerce has evolved into e-commerce, and businesses that adopt these trends stand […]

Big data set to define e-commerce trends

Without big data, e-commerce platforms would not have access to the necessary resources to target their customers effectively. It’s now well established that IT workers possess the skills to break into a number of industries, especially as digital trends continue to manifest in different sectors across the world. For recent IT graduates, or students looking […]

What do you need to know for job success in Malaysia?

What do IT jobseekers need to keep in mind when looking for jobs in Malaysia? Here is our review of the current employment market. Different regions across the world are reacting to employment trends in their own way, which can provide challenges for jobseekers looking to find success abroad. Malaysia in particular – while a […]

Will the smartphone continue to shape IT jobs?

Smartphones have shaped a generation of job seekers and tech users, but is this growth sustainable? Emerging markets hold the answer to this. As one of the most revolutionary trends of the last decade, smartphone adoption has shaped more than just consumer habits, with industries and jobs changing to accommodate, utilise and profit from its […]