4 signs it’s time to update your CV

If your CV is tired and out-of-date, it’s not going to present you in the best light. Here are four signs you need to give it a refresh. Your CV is a work-in-progress, and needs to be refreshed at various stages throughout your IT career. The obvious time to do it is when you get […]

How to write a personal summary

The personal summary section of your CV can be used to create a great first impression right off the bat – if you know how to do it right. You spend so much time crafting the perfect CV to show why you’re the right person for the IT job – but did you know that […]

App creation a highly employable skill set

The app market is growing, and many businesses are struggling to keep up. How can jobseekers looking for app developer roles make use of the demand? The mobile device has become a staple in the daily life of consumers everywhere, leading to a rising number of businesses creating apps to tap into this ripe audience […]

In the digital age, it’s about the experience

In the past, a good customer experience has been about the friendly in-person service you deliver. Digital technology has changed that. Today’s consumer want to have a smooth, worthwhile digital experience that allows them to seamlessly interact with your brand and its offerings. But this is no longer merely optional: the digital experience has become a fundamental […]

Why soft skills could be the key to employability

Find out the soft skills that are in demand for IT professionals to be successful in today’s digital business environment. The IT sector is undoubtedly very technically-demanding for professionals who work in it. With technology in a state of constant shift and evolution, those with a career in IT have to maintain an awareness of the […]

CV advice: Don’t just list your skills, tell a story

Storytelling is changing the way candidates and organisations approach the recruiting process. What are the advantages of this? Experienced candidates are quite familiar with the various procedures involved with recruitment. After all, writing a competent CV has become something of a science, and job interviews are often full of tropes and cliched questions. As the IT […]

6 obscure interview questions and how to answer them professionally

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The way that you answer obscure interview questions could be the difference between receiving a job offer or not. How should you handle them? There is no doubt that a job interview is a hotbed of stress. The candidate is concerned about highlighting themselves as the best person for the role, while the business wants […]

Is e-waste the dark side of the tech revolution?

There’s a lot of discussion surrounding the benefits of technological developments, but what are the down sides? Here’s how e-waste is changing the world. Up until now, the benefits of the mobile revolution have been the focus of discussions around smart​ devices. Whether we’re talking about they way they can boost productivity, contribute to a more […]

The future of Australian IT jobs defined

The nature of technology jobs will continue to change as new trends develop. Here’s how it will affect the IT professionals of the future. The way technology jobs will evolve in the future has been the talk of the IT industry for years. With more and more disruptive technology released each year, the nature of […]