Health IT is gaining ground, but security is still a concern

IT is becoming increasingly important to the future of healthcare, but along with the benefits and job opportunities comes concerns about security. Of all the industries being shaped by technology, healthcare is one of the most important. As populations get older and become exposed to a shifting selection of illnesses, it’s essential that the sector […]

Talent welcomes Jiun Chan to lead Hong Kong

We are pleased to announce that Jiun Chan has joined Talent as Managing Director of Talent’s Hong Kong office. Prior to joining Talent, Jiun built and led a successful technology recruitment business in Hong Kong. Jiun has a proven track record of strategy development, execution and leadership of teams across the Asia region including in […]

Gender equality promises global benefits

The global pursuit for gender equality is defining the way companies operate across the globe. Here’s how their efforts are expected to change the workforce. In the march toward global gender equality, there are a range of solutions being offered by various countries and industries in order to create parity. The benefits are numerous, comprising […]

What do smart machines mean for the future of human IT involvement?

How smart will machines get in the future? Research has found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to make business decisions as technology improves. It has been the focus of innumerable sci-fi films, but now the idea of machines taking over the workplace is a viable one, with renowned research organisations tackling the issue head on. With […]