The key to a killer CV: Tell the truth

Many jobseekers are tempted to embellish their CV to make themselves look better, but studies have shown that honesty really is the best policy. Recruiters see copious amounts of CVs on a daily basis, and many of them are largely uninspiring. Because of this, it can be tempting to embellish your resume a little in order […]

Why your hobbies can make you more employable

While your education and skills are essential aspects of your CV, your hobbies can actually be the thing that lands you the job. When you’re on the hunt for an IT job opportunity, it can be easy to focus more on your skills and qualifications and forgo other aspects of your experience such as your […]

Tick tock: You have just seconds to impress with your CV

With only six seconds in which to impress a recruiter, how can you ensure your CV shows why you are the perfect candidate for the job? Did you know that you have only six seconds in which to determine whether a recruiter is going to offer you an interview or throw your CV back into […]

Job search tip: Doing your references right

Although there are many important aspects to the IT recruitment process, including the right references can help you to seal the deal. With all the resume advice out there, perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of the recruitment process is the references. You might have a killer CV and an interview that went […]

How to prepare for a range of different interviewers

A job interview can be a stressful time. How can you prepare for the different questioning methods you may encounter during this process? When you approach a job interview, chances are the person on the other side of the table carries a wealth of experience about the interview process. For most occasions, they’ll have a […]

4 job interview tricks that could increase your prospects

A job interview is more than just knowing the answers to questions. What other tricks can ensure you make a positive impression? As a candidate, it is easy to think that acing a job interview is all about being on-time, meeting the brief and answering the question to an appropriate level. While these elements are very […]

5 elements to include on a modern IT CV

For a candidate to get a job in this modern world, it is important that features such as mobile connectivity are considered. Skills in the IT industry continue to change at lightning speed, forcing both candidates and businesses to take a different approach to recruitment. For candidates wanting to adapt, the first point of call must be their […]

6 obscure interview questions and how to answer them professionally

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The way that you answer obscure interview questions could be the difference between receiving a job offer or not. How should you handle them? There is no doubt that a job interview is a hotbed of stress. The candidate is concerned about highlighting themselves as the best person for the role, while the business wants […]

How to get through the first round of job interviews

While getting a job interview is a great achievement, it’s just the start of the journey. Here are three tips to help you get through the first round of interviews. So, after hours of preparation perfecting your CV, arranging your references and conjuring up answers to everything from the most basic to the most testing interview […]