Talent Sydney Recruiter Lisa Holton speaks to us about the Life at Talent

We speak to Lisa Holton from Talent Sydney about her time at Talent and the advice she would give to those looking to pursue a career in Recruitment. How long have you been at Talent? 3 months, in this short time Talent has already made such a positive impact on my life and career direction. […]

How can we keep top tech talent in Australia?

John Collison, co-founder of San Francisco-based start-up Stripe, recently told the New York Times that Silicon Valley could never be replicated, because other areas simply do not attract or keep the best tech talent. We disagree. We believe there’s plenty of ways technology and digital organisations can entice the best candidates here at home. This […]

Case Study: How the US Navy is using VR as a recruitment tool

Imagine you’re on a Naval river boat, taking part in a covert mission to extract a Navy SEAL team. You’re navigating the waterways, while helicopters fly overhead. No, we’re not talking about a new edition of Call of Duty. This experience is actually what you’ll go through if you take part in the first stages […]

The power of passivity: How not looking could get you the job

Employers are found to prefer passive jobseekers over active ones, so how can your use this to improve your IT career prospects? While you make think that proactivity gives you the greatest edge in the job hunt, research has shown that many employers favour jobseekers who are playing it cool. Passive jobseekers are those that […]

4 tips for job hunting while employed

It’s well known. that it’s easier to find a job while employed, but this can be tricky to manage. Here are four ways to make your job hunt successful. You have probably heard the old adage that it’s easier to find a new job when you already have one. Yet job hunting while employed can […]

How to follow up after an interview

Following up after an interview can be a tricky process. Here are three easy things to keep in mind to do it a little more effectively the next time you’re going through a job hiring process. If you’ve just left an interview, there’s most likely a million things going through your mind. One or two of […]

The Multi-device workplace: Supertaskers taking over

In a world of mobile devices and constant connectivity, being able to multitask across many platforms may become a much desired skill by employers. In the digital age, we are constantly attached to our devices. They are in our homes, in our cars, in our pockets and even in our offices. The mobile device has completely […]

Your webcam could land you a job

The Skype interview has transformed the hiring process in the modern business landscape. Here’s what you need to know to be successful. As most jobseekers know, the interview is a vital part of the hiring process. It can determine whether or not you get offered the job, so it’s important to get it right. Digital technology […]

How to put your best foot forward at your next job interview

Interviewing for a new position can be intimidating. Here are seven tips to help you get through your next interview successfully. The business world is competitive and applying for a new job can be intimidating. That said, there are plenty of ways for you to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Here are […]