In the digital age, it’s about the experience

In the past, a good customer¬†experience has been about the friendly in-person service you deliver. Digital technology has changed that. Today’s consumer want to have a smooth, worthwhile digital experience that allows them to seamlessly interact with your brand and its offerings. But this is no longer merely optional:¬†the digital experience has become a fundamental […]

Startup hub expansion promises 2016 success

Many of the trends that defined 2016 will roll over into the new year, with startup excitement a key driver for new IT jobs. What do you need to know? As the world’s IT professionals return from a holiday to a brand new year, many will have their sights on expansion and diversification for the […]

Are IT strategies the most important part of a business?

New research has boldly proclaimed that every employee is a digital employee. What does this mean for the future of IT strategies? The development and proliferation of IT trends and technologies has meant that businesses have had to drastically refocus growth strategies. Where in the past an organisation may have had a dedicated IT department, […]