Richard’s Blog – Austin, Texas

Founder & Executive Managing Director Richard Earl is currently traveling around the US exploring the tech and recruitment scene. Beginning his 3 city journey of the US, he started south in Austin Texas. He began his trip by visiting the Capitol Factory, which is Austin’s largest tech start up hub. The hub has been […]

Startup hub expansion promises 2016 success

Many of the trends that defined 2016 will roll over into the new year, with startup excitement a key driver for new IT jobs. What do you need to know? As the world’s IT professionals return from a holiday to a brand new year, many will have their sights on expansion and diversification for the […]

Anatomy of a startup scene: What’s the key to success?

Startup scenes are often just as important to the formation of a company as their respective founders. What constitutes a good example? Many people often link a startup’s success with its founder, with many famous tech businesses publicly represented by charismatic individuals. This trend has dominated the scene for decades. Global giants such as Microsoft and […]