Australian tech startups breaking into the global market

Before you think too hard about relocating your tech startup to Silicon Valley, think carefully about the unique benefits an Australian location provides. 2016 was a massive year for Australian startups, in all sorts of different sectors but especially the world of IT&T. There is more funding available than ever before, and the Turnbull government has […]

Are you ready for an increase in hiring?

CEOs across the globe are expecting an increase in hiring. Is your company prepared to secure the talent it needs to succeed? The tech world is focused on two main business drivers: growth and innovation. After all, how many companies in the technology industry are known for standing still? Companies like Apple and Tesla have created […]

How to answer “Why should we hire you?”

Few job interview questions are more daunting than “Why should we hire you?” So what are the best ways of answering it to ensure you get the job? Job interviews are filled with difficult questions as employers need to get a good idea of who they’re hiring. Some, however, trip up more candidates than others and require […]