Why work-life balance matters

Why did you choose to become a contractor? The benefits say it all: better pay, more professional satisfaction and greater flexibility. For many, the promise of a better work-life balance is the deciding factor in their move into contracting. And rightly so. Much has been written about work-life balance in recent years – the benefits […]

Why is the Australian aged care industry harnessing IT?

Discover why the aged care industry is trying to integrate technology on a vast scale and how IT professionals will therefore be more in demand. Certain Australian aged care businesses such as Feros Care and Thomas Holt Aged Care are trying to use technology to improve their services. The Australian Government has also made a […]

Home health monitoring market ripe for the picking

With bad health placing a burden on a country’s economic wellbeing, the market is open for startups providing home health monitoring technology. Technology has had an impact on a wide variety of sectors, improving the way we live our lives and giving us better access to resources than ever before. One area that has reaped the benefits […]