Turnbull government investing in innovation

Find out the Turnbull government’s stance on innovation, and how developments such as the new Federal Budget can benefit IT professionals. For people whose work relies on constant change and evolution such as those in professionals in IT careers, the Turnbull government’s commitment to promoting innovation in Australia is creating a positive outlook. With the latest Federal Budget showing continuing […]

Disruption shapes digital economy

PwC investigated the way digital disruption is changing the way companies approach IT investment, finding there’s increasing executive involvement. The battle for technological supremacy between small, agile startups and larger corporations centres around their respective abilities to harness disruption and innovation. With the world’s entrepreneurs looking to kickstart the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and […]

Women still absent from leadership positions – Are start-ups the answer?

The demand for more women in leadership roles coincides with a growing start-up scene in Australia. How will one influence the other? The balance of power in the modern workforce is shifting. People are no longer limited to just working nine to five, with the IT industry in particular changing drastically in this regard. Now, […]