How to make your mark in the evolving fintech landscape

Fintech isn’t a buzzword anymore. Instead, it’s a multi-billion industry, one that raised $5.19 billion globally in Q2 this year (information courtesy of Reuters). Banks are investing heavily in new technologies to help them do all manner of things, from improving customer experience and information security, to regulating bitcoin through blockchain technology, and everything in between. […]

Talent Unleashed Start-Up City #4 Hong Kong

Asia’s finance mecca turns startup mecca? Next in our Talent Unleashed Startup City series we bring you Hong Kong, where “East meets West”. Considered Asia’s Financial mecca, this island is an international city which offers business, culture, natural beauty and plenty of fun! Hong Kong is easily recognised as one of the world’s top financial […]

Software developer turned banker? Digital disruption in finance

Technology has had a significant impact on the finance sector and IT professionals will be vital for helping banks keep up with the changes. Daily activities of all kinds have been made easier with technology, including managing your personal finances. With physical money being largely usurped by the convenience of credit cards and online transactions, is […]