Major Australian city among best places for female entrepreneurs

Sydney is ranked as the eighth best city for female entrepreneurs, so what does this mean for women looking to make a technology startup? In the modern age, women are making strides across a range of industries, including technology, with some even entering into the world of start ups. However, there are still some challenges that […]

Assessing the prospects for females in IT

As Australia gears up for an increase in demand for IT workers, what role do women have to play? Can the gender imbalance be reversed?The gender imbalance present in the IT sector has long been a discussion topic for industry professionals, with plenty being done to try and even the odds and have men and […]

Do video games hold the key to success for women in IT jobs?

Video games have long been considered a male domain. However, research has revealed this stereotype is being overcome by female gamers and developers. Like the rest of the IT industry, video games – both in their creation and consumption – have been viewed as a medium dominated by males. However, this appears to be more […]

Apple puts female tech leaders centre stage

Apple made headlines around the world as two of its female executives took to the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference. The world’s tech leaders can shape more than just the industries their products reach, as their influences also extend to the social issues surrounding these fields. This is especially true in a world where STEM […]

How do male and female CIOs approach IT spending?

Male and female CIOs are responding to business pressures in their own unique ways, particularly with regards to budget concerns. New research from Gartner has discovered that women are making their own mark in the IT industry, especially in the upper reaches of management. A company’s digital success often relies on direction from the chief information […]