Getting an IT job when you have too much experience

If you are a seasoned IT professional, how can you use your years of experience in the tech sector to get ahead in your job search? With viral success stories such as Mark Zuckerberg epitomising our understanding of today’s tech professionals, it’s no wonder that many assume the IT industry is the domain of the fresh-faced and […]

Is that job worth a shot? Here’s how to tell

Do you have limited time to look for a new IT job? Here’s how you can ensure you’re applying for roles that are worth the effort. No matter how much you want a new IT job, you probably don’t have endless hours to devote to the search. This is especially true if you’re looking while […]

Your qualifications won’t get you the job – so what will?

Your qualification may not land your the job – it’s your adaptability and referrals that could get your future employer’s attention. The grades you receive during your tertiary studies are some of the most important professionals assets you have when you’re looking for a new IT job, aren’t they? As it turns out, your qualifications […]

In the digital age, it’s about the experience

In the past, a good customer experience has been about the friendly in-person service you deliver. Digital technology has changed that. Today’s consumer want to have a smooth, worthwhile digital experience that allows them to seamlessly interact with your brand and its offerings. But this is no longer merely optional: the digital experience has become a fundamental […]