Talent Unleashed – Startup City #8 Paris

Vive la revolution! Incubé, Innové, Exité A revolution is sweeping the streets of Paris. Whereas Robespierre and Danton put the ancient regime to the guillotine – today’s tech visionaries are putting the business establishment on notice, as a wave of entrepreneurs and innovative ideas run riot in this city of extreme passion. Traditionally, France has not been […]

How can a poor work-life balance affect your employees’ performance?

We all know that person who always gets their work done on time, and even manages to leave early some days. But the reality for a lot of Australians is that they’re working overtime. In fact, a study by the Australia Institute found that, on average, Australians work just under six unpaid hours a week, […]

Cyber Security – How LinkedIn profiles are a goldmine for hackers

When looking for a new role, one of the first things cyber security professionals usually do is update their LinkedIn profile. You list in detail your areas of technical expertise and experience for your current and past positions, you have done great work and want to showcase your achievements. Most employees are now well aware […]