Talent wins gold in HRD’s 2018 Employer of Choice Award

Today, Talent was awarded the Gold Medal in HRD’s 2018 Employer of Choice Awards (Medium Employers category). Talent is also a Top Performing Company in the categories of Reward and Recognition, Diversity and Inclusion, Remuneration and Career Progression. The Employer of Choice Awards are voted on by employees at each nominated business. Those that achieve […]

Introvert or extrovert – the importance of a diverse team

mixed personalities in the workplace

A huge 80 per cent of respondents to Virgin Pulse’s State of the Industry survey claimed they plan to improve their corporate culture in the coming year. While it’s important to have a strong culture (Google is a prime example of this – their pods and quirky decorations embody a fun and vibrant company that […]

How can a poor work-life balance affect your employees’ performance?

We all know that person who always gets their work done on time, and even manages to leave early some days. But the reality for a lot of Australians is that they’re working overtime. In fact, a study by the Australia Institute found that, on average, Australians work just under six unpaid hours a week, […]

Your qualifications won’t get you the job – so what will?

Your qualification may not land your the job – it’s your adaptability and referrals that could get your future employer’s attention. The grades you receive during your tertiary studies are some of the most important professionals assets you have when you’re looking for a new IT job, aren’t they? As it turns out, your qualifications […]

How to prepare for a range of different interviewers

A job interview can be a stressful time. How can you prepare for the different questioning methods you may encounter during this process? When you approach a job interview, chances are the person on the other side of the table carries a wealth of experience about the interview process. For most occasions, they’ll have a […]