Cyber security trends to look out for and what they mean for you

As the threat of cyber attacks grows, you can’t wait until the last minute to find the right talent. Talent’s Cyber Security Practice lead Simon Mansfield explains why. According to data by Symantec, in January 2017 alone, 419,000 web attacks were blocked per day. It’s a number that doesn’t include scams, phishing emails or other […]

Top interview tips from Silicon Valley giants

Have you ever wondered what tactics Silicon Valley companies use when interviewing candidates? It turns out, there’s a method to the madness! The entire team at Talent is hugely excited about our new San Francisco-based venture with the Coit Group. This will be our first major expansion into the United States, and expands our network to […]

Meet Shweta Chopra – Auckland

Most people throughout their careers will deal with a recruiter to find a job at some point. Finding a new role can be a stressful process for anybody regardless of how many interviews they’ve previously had. Our recruiters work to get to know their candidates and place them in the best role.  In this role reversal we […]

If you’re a jobseeker, an online presence is a must

Your CV is important, but in the digital age it could be your online presence that gives you an advantage. Do you know how to create a good one? Forbes believes that your online presence will replace your resume within the next decade. While this may not be entirely the case yet, online platforms such as […]

iPhone 7 release highlights smartphone innovation

The hype surrounding the new iPhone 7 shows how far smartphone technology has come, and highlights the possibilities for those in IT careers. Since its creation, the Apple iPhone has been spearhead for mobile device innovation, paving the way for increasingly advanced smartphone technologies and making cutting-edge innovations a reality. With the release of the iPhone […]