Is e-commerce the key to customer retention?

E-commerce is emerging as both a challenge and an opportunity for businesses around Australia, with even established brands struggling to keep up. IT professionals have plenty of opportunity to influence a number of industries throughout Australia, with the retail sector being the latest to join the queue. The rise in e-commerce trends means that retail […]

How will Facebook’s latest changes help businesses?

Recent changes to Facebook’s news feed could alter the way businesses react to digital business initiatives. The power is now in the hands of the consumer. The role Facebook plays in determining the success of digital business initiatives cannot be overstated. Along with giving companies the chance to promote their products and services for free […]

How are millennials approaching e-commerce?

Millennials’ growing influence in the e-commerce sector is beginning to have drastic effects on the nature of the global retail market. As millennials edge towards becoming the largest group of consumersĀ on the planet, it’s no surprise that they have a direct influence over the trends shaping modern businesses and technologies. In particular, this group is […]