What does the e-commerce customer journey look like?

E-commerce has changed the way modern consumers approach the buying process. What do companies need to know to get the most out of these trends? The face of the retail industry has changed for both consumers and businesses, with online interactions holding just as much value as those conducted in store. In fact, some of […]

What is luxury e-commerce?

E-commerce is an established feature of the retail marketplace. How is this evolving for specialist brands with luxury goods and services? The rise of e-commerce has changed the retail marketplace for consumers and businesses. The fact companies like Amazon can exist with such a small number of physical stores is testament to this. However, not all […]

E-commerce changes retail strategies in Europe

E-commerce is drastically changing the way retail businesses attract and retain customers. How will these continue to develop? E-commerce trends are continuing to alter the way businesses approach the sales process, disrupting established strategies and forcing companies to move elements of their operating procedures online. The overall intensity of internet usage is continuing to effect this, […]

E-commerce further aligns with social media

E-commerce is proving to be a valuable addition to business strategy, especially for the millennial demographic. Is your business prepared? The rapid evolution of e-commerce is continuing, particularly in the way it aligns with an organisation’s social media strategy. Previously, these businesses were limited to directing traffic to separate platforms through posts on Facebook, Twitter […]

E-commerce joins international markets together

Digital business and e-commerce trends are redefining the way organisations function. How can they capitalise their potential? The global market is becoming smaller by the day, and IT professionals are the ones tasked with maintaining the networks, systems and infrastructure that connect countries together. Commerce has evolved into e-commerce, and businesses that adopt these trends stand […]

Big data set to define e-commerce trends

Without big data, e-commerce platforms would not have access to the necessary resources to target their customers effectively. It’s now well established that IT workers possess the skills to break into a number of industries, especially as digital trends continue to manifest in different sectors across the world. For recent IT graduates, or students looking […]

How is social media influencing e-commerce?

E-commerce and social media are linked by their ability to provide consumers and online stores with a new way to approach the marketplace. The rise of e-commerce has brought the power to the people, whether they are buying or selling. Shoppers and sellers alike are no longer confined to brick and mortar stores, breaking down […]