What does Diversity and Inclusivity really mean?

Simon Yeung   As a recruiter, my role is to connect people with organisations and jobs. I have a front row seat when it comes to knowing what companies want when bringing people into their organisations, and what candidates want when choosing an employer. Most organisations see the value in having a diverse workforce and […]

Talent Melbourne and SEEK on the benefits of diversity and inclusion

Our Talent Melbourne team recently hosted a breakfast session on the benefits of inclusion and diversity in order to attract and retain top talent, with guest speaker Sophie Gilbert. Sophie has an impressive HR background comprising a number of roles in global organisations, and is currently working at SEEK as the Well-being, Diversity and Inclusion […]

From prison to the boardroom: a lesson in embracing diversity

Roger Talent RISE

When completing an application for a new position, you’re required to address why you are the most qualified person for the role. Your education, work history and personal achievements are commonly requested, but not your age, criminal history (if you have one), relationship status and sexual preference. However, unfortunately, these factors are too often considered […]

Diversity driving profitability and innovation

workplace diversity

In the last decade of technological innovation, almost all the most successful entrepreneurs are white males aged 25 to 45 (think Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel and Mark Zuckerberg). The fact that they’re white males aged 25 to 45 does not diminish their achievements. But it does highlight the lack of gender, ethnic and racial diversity […]

How your organisation can help improve diversity in the tech industry

The tech industry worldwide has historically struggled with issues surrounding diversity. Since Deloitte’s first Australia’s Digital Pulse survey was published in 2015, the number of women in tech has remained unchanged – sitting at 28 per cent of the total ICT workforce. As an employer, there are a range of actionable ways to encourage diversity in your own […]