Talent Unleashed – Winners Trip Blog Day 2

Day 2 of the Silicon Valley experience was focused on turning disruption into opportunities and our winners started out with a visit to the Airbnb offices. While we were not allowed to take pictures inside the offices, the space was incredible with a key feature being that every meeting space was custom designed to look […]

Software developer turned banker? Digital disruption in finance

Technology has had a significant impact on the finance sector and IT professionals will be vital for helping banks keep up with the changes. Daily activities of all kinds have been made easier with technology, including managing your personal finances. With physical money being largely usurped by the convenience of credit cards and online transactions, is […]

Digital change isn’t just for large organisations

Digital disruption is moving technology’s power to the people. How can these trends influence the next generation of IT candidates? Large corporations aren’t the only entities making digital investments that are changing the way they operate. In fact, new technology is bringing power to the people – and especially to smaller businesses. While some elements […]

Disruption shapes digital economy

PwC investigated the way digital disruption is changing the way companies approach IT investment, finding there’s increasing executive involvement. The battle for technological supremacy between small, agile startups and larger corporations centres around their respective abilities to harness disruption and innovation. With the world’s entrepreneurs looking to kickstart the next Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and […]

Digital disruption will impact businesses that can’t keep up

It’s an overplayed phrase, but in the world of technology, it’s true the only constant is change. For consumers, this is great. The rapid rise in new gadgets, toys and devices means there is always something fresh to attract their attention. For businesses however, it can quickly become a nightmare if they are not prepared for […]