The Multi-device workplace: Supertaskers taking over

In a world of mobile devices and constant connectivity, being able to multitask across many platforms may become a much desired skill by employers. In the digital age, we are constantly attached to our devices. They are in our homes, in our cars, in our pockets¬†and even in our offices. The mobile device has completely […]

Mobile payments to define Asia-Pacific region

The world’s e-commerce developments are dependent on flexible payment solutions. If retailers and other businesses want people to¬†shop from anywhere, they need to be able to pay from anywhere. Now that these trends are finding their favour with businesses, research has discovered that consumers are also getting on board. In particular, the Asia-Pacific region is […]

Mobile workstations set to takeover from desktops

The office environment is changing. While employees used to be confined to desktops when undertaking work on computers, first the invention of the laptop and then the proliferation of other mobile devices meant that the modern employee was soon free from the shackles of the cubicle. According to research from International Data Corporation (IDC), the […]