What do you need for a job in app development?

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App development is one of the most exciting and innovative careers a tech professional can get into. With mobile devices, programming languages and customer needs constantly changing, it’s a dynamic and fast-moving industry, and it’s also one that’s expanding. A Progressive Policy Institute report released in March this year estimates that jobs in the Australian […]

How to recruit for growth and innovation

Innovative and growth

All businesses need to grow, and a tech company in particular should be a hub of innovation and change. One way to achieve this is through recruitment – if you can hire the right talent that have the ability and mindset to take you where you need to be, you’re already halfway there. Here’s how […]

What is the future of mobile apps?

Those who have already switched their focus to the upcoming smartwatch¬†revolution may be surprised to find there is still some life left in the future of mobile¬†app development. While it may seem like consumers can already do everything they could possibly need – and more – with these devices, the business market is still contributing […]