4 in-demand tech skills companies will look out for in 2018

tech skills in demand

2018 is here, and it’s a time for new beginnings. For many, this will mean a change in career. Some candidates might even decide to get into tech contracting to take advantage of the increased opportunities and flexibility it comes with. With the new year, however, also comes a different set of in-demand skills in […]

The IT factor: Targeting your job search to the industry

To perfect your job search, it’s important that you tailor your application to the IT industry so you can show that you meet the requirements. Job seeking is a complex process that requires applicants to pay attention to a variety of different aspects all at once. The CV, the cover letter, the interview and the […]

Gartner reveals changing tech trends: What does your startup need to know?

The top tech trends for the coming years have been revealed. Which ones should your startup focus on for the best chance of success? Successful startups depend on being at the forefrontĀ of innovation. Their small size means they’re agile enough to react quickly to evolving technology trends, allowing these businesses to make their own unique […]

Business Analysts are in demand!

ITĀ is no longer an insulated part of a company or its own separate industry. Thanks to the digital reliance felt by modern people and businesses, IT has adapted and evolved, allowing its influence to be felt across all industries. This is particularly noticeable with the way business practices are now being shaped within companies, as […]