Health IT is gaining ground, but security is still a concern

IT is becoming increasingly important to the future of healthcare, but along with the benefits and job opportunities comes concerns about security. Of all the industries being shaped by technology, healthcare is one of the most important. As populations get older and become exposed to a shifting selection of illnesses, it’s essential that the sector […]

Cyber Security – How LinkedIn profiles are a goldmine for hackers

When looking for a new role, one of the first things cyber security professionals usually do is update their LinkedIn profile. You list in detail your areas of technical expertise and experience for your current and past positions, you have done great work and want to showcase your achievements. Most employees are now well aware […]

Rising cybersecurity breaches means security talent in demand

An increase in cyberthreats means that IT security specialists will be much in demand by businesses in the future. Cybersecurity is a constant issue for most businesses today, and the number of threats is only growing. One of the factors that affects how businesses cope with cyberthreats is¬†their IT talent, as it is these professionals […]

Mobile developer roles and cybersecurity

The security of mobile devices can be a pressing issue for businesses, and it turns out that their software developers could be part of the problem. Having a good cybersecurity system means considering a number of different factors. In today’s mobile business environment, mobile cybersecurity¬†is one aspect that companies should not forget. While a large […]

Does Australia need more cybersecurity specialists?

As cyberthreats to Australia continue to evolve, the shortage of IT specialists must be filled by professionals to provide the best protection. With Australia’s cyberthreat environment continually expanding, there is a need for more cybersecurity specialists to strengthen the country’s online defences. A recent press release by the Commonwealth Bank announced that to combat the […]