Challenges of recruitment in the Australian cybersecurity sector

There’s a global shortage of cybersecurity staff, but Australia is one of the most affected countries. Let’s take a look at the recruitment challenges. It’s well known in the IT&T industry that there is a worldwide shortage of experienced cybersecurity professionals. This lack of staff has made the competition for good employees intense, with businesses […]

How the differences in cyber crime leave your business vulnerable to attacks

Cyber security threats affect every industry. In this article we share our insights about business vulnerability, types of cyber crime and what you can do to prevent being a victim of cyber-attack.   How vulnerable are different industries to cyber attacks? First things first, there is no such thing as 100 per cent security for […]

Taking back the cybersecurity landscape

The more cybersecurity specialists defend against cyberthreats, the more ways criminals find to attack. That’s why it’s time to take control back. If you’re working in an IT job that specialises in cybersecurity, the pressure to remain on top of threats can be immense. With present risks changing and new ones emerging all the time, the key […]

Does Australia need more cybersecurity specialists?

As cyberthreats to Australia continue to evolve, the shortage of IT specialists must be filled by professionals to provide the best protection. With Australia’s cyberthreat environment continually expanding, there is a need for more cybersecurity specialists to strengthen the country’s online defences. A recent press release by the Commonwealth Bank announced that to combat the […]

Cybersecurity threatens Australian family businesses

All businesses face largely the same challenges, with the ever-present quest for expansion put to the test by the adoption of new technology. This journey into new digital realms brings its own challenges, and while most companies are coping to some extent, Ernst & Young (EY) discovered that family-owned businesses across Australia are struggling with cybersecurity […]

Which businesses are leading IT security in Asia?

As the demand for IT security rises, different regions will respond to concerns in their own way. A recent review of IDC highlights how Asia/Pacific is responding. As the third platform of IT technologies (mobile, cloud computing and big data) spreads throughout businesses worldwide, security services and methods need to adapt and evolve alongside them. […]

Which IT jobs will be in demand in 2015?

With 2015 just around the corner – many IT candidates may soon be looking to enter the workforce or find a fresh opportunity. But what will be the hottest and most sought-after jobs in 2015? Given the diversity and complexity of this sector, the in-demand roles and skill sets are constantly changing, and it’s worth […]