Talent Delivers Exceptional Growth

The Talent consolidated global group, including its UK business, expects to report an increase in revenue of 24% to $460 million for the 2016/17 financial year. This caps off what has been an exceptional year of growth across Talent’s business, which has seen stellar results across the global group including 100% growth in Melbourne and […]

How to tell if an IT contracting job is right for you

IT contracting is viable alternative for candidates who feel like they need to step away from traditional employment models. Here are three benefits. For IT candidates, the world is truly their oyster. Not only are businesses in a range of industries all across the world rushing to secure their services, but they also have flexibility in […]

An introduction to contracting: What does it mean for the future?

Contracting isn’t for everyone, but with the evolving nature of the technology workforce, there are opportunities awaiting those looking for a challenge. Technology employment is centred on freedom. From the range of roles in regular employment, to the wide-open startup market, IT professionals are free to craft their own destinies in the industry. On top […]

What you need to know when working overseas

Working overseas provides a great opportunity for jobseekers to experience another country while gaining industry-specific skills in the process. With the global nature of the technology industry, there is potential for IT jobseekers to earn a wage while seeing other parts of the world. Having a working holiday allows candidates to gain experience and an […]