What is the future of mobile apps?

Those who have already switched their focus to the upcoming smartwatch revolution may be surprised to find there is still some life left in the future of mobile app development. While it may seem like consumers can already do everything they could possibly need – and more – with these devices, the business market is still contributing […]

How are millennials approaching e-commerce?

Millennials’ growing influence in the e-commerce sector is beginning to have drastic effects on the nature of the global retail market. As millennials edge towards becoming the largest group of consumers on the planet, it’s no surprise that they have a direct influence over the trends shaping modern businesses and technologies. In particular, this group is […]

How is social media influencing e-commerce?

E-commerce and social media are linked by their ability to provide consumers and online stores with a new way to approach the marketplace. The rise of e-commerce has brought the power to the people, whether they are buying or selling. Shoppers and sellers alike are no longer confined to brick and mortar stores, breaking down […]