How tech will link businesses and consumers

Businesses have access to a range of different technologies to improve their relationships with customers. What will change in 2016? The current relationship businesses enjoy with their customers and the wider consumer base is notably different to its past iterations. Now an ongoing conversation thanks to enterprise social media use, organisations have a number of […]

Consumers will define the future of the technology industry

A number of recent reports have revealed that the future of the technology industry¬†is in the hands of the consumer. How should organisations react? There are two sides to the evolving tech industry. On one hand, innovative startup founders and other global IT leaders are pushing development forward with the products they create and market. […]

What does the e-commerce customer journey look like?

E-commerce has changed the way modern consumers approach the buying process. What do companies need to know to get the most out of these trends? The face of the retail industry has changed for both consumers and businesses, with online interactions holding just as much value as those conducted in store. In fact, some of […]