How to recruit for growth and innovation

Innovative and growth

All businesses need to grow, and a tech company in particular should be a hub of innovation and change. One way to achieve this is through recruitment – if you can hire the right talent that have the ability and mindset to take you where you need to be, you’re already halfway there. Here’s how […]

The cloud will be the centre of future innovation

The cloud is becoming an increasingly common resource for many contemporary businesses. But is it just a trend or is it here to stay? Many authorities argue that we have only harnessed a fraction of the capabilities of the cloud, and it may become an essential tool for business progress and innovation in the future. So […]

3 reasons to consider a career in IT

If you’re looking for a career path with good compensation, room for growth, and plenty of new things to learn, look into a career in information technology. Since the birth of information technology (IT) in the 1980s, economies all over the world have seen a growth in the number of jobs in that field. As […]

Digital change isn’t just for large organisations

Digital disruption is moving technology’s power to the people. How can these trends influence the next generation of IT candidates? Large corporations aren’t the only entities making digital investments that are changing the way they operate. In fact, new technology is bringing power to the people – and especially to smaller businesses. While some elements […]