How to find your dream startup job

Startup companies are an important feature of the IT industry. What do the next generation of candidates need to know about these businesses? Candidates that are new to the workforce have a range of different paths to take to progress their career. While some may dream of working their way through the larger organisations dominating the […]

How to answer “Why should we hire you?”

Few job interview questions are more daunting than “Why should we hire you?” So what are the best ways of answering it to ensure you get the job? Job interviews are filled with difficult questions as employers need to get a good idea of who they’re hiring. Some, however, trip up more candidates than others and require […]

How to overcome job interview stress to land that dream role

Job interviews can cause unwanted stress, but are necessary for professionals to pursue their dream roles. The following advice can make the process more manageable and even enjoyable. Some candidates may find job interviews difficult due to a combination of excitement and nervousness which will often lead to undesirable interview stress. Unfortunately, they are unavoidable […]