The most in-demand roles for digital startups

As the digital landscape evolves, there’s an imbalance between supply and demand for digital roles within tech start-ups. Here is what you need to know. So what are the digital roles most needed in the start-up space at the moment? And how can professionals leverage digital recruitment specialists’ advice to get their dream job? Here […]

6 tips for acing your next IT job interview

Although interviews can be intimidating for many IT candidates, knowing the steps you can take to prepare will make you more likely to be successful. Interviews can be challenging for anyone – there is a lot of pressure that comes along with them because they can have a significant impact on the likelihood of receiving […]

6 obscure interview questions and how to answer them professionally

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The way that you answer obscure interview questions could be the difference between receiving a job offer or not. How should you handle them? There is no doubt that a job interview is a hotbed of stress. The candidate is concerned about highlighting themselves as the best person for the role, while the business wants […]