Talent Unleashed Start-Up City #4 Hong Kong

Asia’s finance mecca turns startup mecca? Next in our Talent Unleashed Startup City series we bring you Hong Kong, where “East meets West”. Considered Asia’s Financial mecca, this island is an international city which offers business, culture, natural beauty and plenty of fun! Hong Kong is easily recognised as one of the world’s top financial […]

Investigating the Asian startup scene

The Asia-Pacific region is responsible for a range of high-tech startups. How will these companies support entrepreneurs in the future? The world has been getting smaller for years, and the concept of globalisation bringing people for previously disparate cultures together is now a reality rather than just a theory. This is especially true for the world’s […]

Mobile payments to define Asia-Pacific region

The world’s e-commerce developments are dependent on flexible payment solutions. If retailers and other businesses want people to shop from anywhere, they need to be able to pay from anywhere. Now that these trends are finding their favour with businesses, research has discovered that consumers are also getting on board. In particular, the Asia-Pacific region is […]

How will mobile gaming shape IT jobs in Southeast Asia?

Mobile gaming is set to shape the job market in Southeast Asia, opening plenty of opportunities for passionate gamers to start a career. Mobile gaming has reached heights – in terms of both popularity and revenue – that conventional video gaming is likely to be jealous of. There are a number of forces at play […]

What do you need to know for job success in Malaysia?

What do IT jobseekers need to keep in mind when looking for jobs in Malaysia? Here is our review of the current employment market. Different regions across the world are reacting to employment trends in their own way, which can provide challenges for jobseekers looking to find success abroad. Malaysia in particular – while a […]

Which businesses are leading IT security in Asia?

As the demand for IT security rises, different regions will respond to concerns in their own way. A recent review of IDC highlights how Asia/Pacific is responding. As the third platform of IT technologies (mobile, cloud computing and big data) spreads throughout businesses worldwide, security services and methods need to adapt and evolve alongside them. […]