What do you need for a job in app development?

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App development is one of the most exciting and innovative careers a tech professional can get into. With mobile devices, programming languages and customer needs constantly changing, it’s a dynamic and fast-moving industry, and it’s also one that’s expanding. A Progressive Policy Institute report released in March this year estimates that jobs in the Australian […]

2017 Talent Unleashed Awards now open!

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We are excited to announce that the Talent Unleashed Awards are now open for entries! We’re calling those who are innovating, changing and unleashing new and inspiring technologies and ideas into the workplace and community to enter now. “Innovation is in our DNA – we started these awards five years ago to support the brightest technology ideas […]

Top interview tips from Silicon Valley giants

Have you ever wondered what tactics Silicon Valley companies use when interviewing candidates? It turns out, there’s a method to the madness! The entire team at Talent is hugely excited about our new San Francisco-based venture with the Coit Group. This will be our first major expansion into the United States, and expands our network to […]

Prioritise talent: A top recruitment tip from Silicon Valley

To celebrate Talent’s new San Francisco-based venture, we thought we’d look at Silicon Valley recruitment trends. Unsurprisingly, talent is critical. There’s no doubt that Silicon Valley in California is the beating heart of the international IT&T industry. The area is synonymous with industry and innovation, but there’s no reason that other parts of the world […]

iPhone 7 release highlights smartphone innovation

The hype surrounding the new iPhone 7 shows how far smartphone technology has come, and highlights the possibilities for those in IT careers. Since its creation, the Apple iPhone has been spearhead for mobile device innovation, paving the way for increasingly advanced smartphone technologies and making cutting-edge innovations a reality. With the release of the iPhone […]

Pokemon don’t Go there: Ownership of virtual space

The Pokemon Go app has popularised augmented reality, but do businesses need to watch out for issues of ownership when utilising virtual space? Humans have been bickering over the land and sea since the dawn of time, and with the invention of the aeroplane, the debate got even more complicated. Can anyone own the air above the […]

Home health monitoring market ripe for the picking

With bad health placing a burden on a country’s economic wellbeing, the market is open for startups providing home health monitoring technology. Technology has had an impact on a wide variety of sectors, improving the way we live our lives and giving us better access to resources than ever before. One area that has reaped the benefits […]

Are startups the solution to bad battery life?

The energy consumption of devices has long inhibited their use by consumers, and this issue provides a lot of opportunity for startups with a fix. The capabilities of our technology are evolving constantly, and at the same time, the size of our devices are also shrinking. The trend is for thin, light, fast technology which is able […]

What the Apple iPhone can teach us about personal branding

The ingenious marketing of the Apple iPhone can teach many things about how job seekers should market themselves to potential employers. With Apple experiencing a 43 per cent rise in value in 2015 according to leading authority Interbrand, the iPhone has become one of the most widely used smart devices worldwide. It is plausible to assume that a […]