What do you need for a job in app development?

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App development is one of the most exciting and innovative careers a tech professional can get into. With mobile devices, programming languages and customer needs constantly changing, it’s a dynamic and fast-moving industry, and it’s also one that’s expanding. A Progressive Policy Institute report released in March this year estimates that jobs in the Australian […]

Why is the Australian aged care industry harnessing IT?

Discover why the aged care industry is trying to integrate technology on a vast scale and how IT professionals will therefore be more in demand. Certain Australian aged care businesses such as Feros Care and Thomas Holt Aged Care are trying to use technology to improve their services. The Australian Government has also made a […]

App creation a highly employable skill set

The app market is growing, and many businesses are struggling to keep up. How can jobseekers looking for app developer roles make use of the demand? The mobile device has become a staple in the daily life of consumers everywhere, leading to a rising number of businesses creating apps to tap into this ripe audience […]