What are the most in-demand IT jobs for 2016?

With 2015 now ended, it’s time for IT candidates to turn their attention to the possibilities¬†2016 will offer. Which jobs will be most in-demand in 2016? The new year brings new opportunities, and the ever-evolving IT world is likely to have a whole host of in-demand jobs for candidates to focus their attention on. Whether […]

What do you need to be aware of with big data analytics?

Big data analytics is just one of a few trends currently defining the IT industry as part of the third platform of new¬†technologies. Along with cloud solutions and mobile computing, IT practices as we know them are being drastically re-shaped by these new systems. While they all come with their own unique benefits, they aren’t […]

Business Analytics: The Hottest IT Skill for 2015

Data is all around us today, driving a whole host of key business decisions.¬†The organisations that excel and succeed in the modern world are undoubtedly those that can not only capture large volumes of information, but also tap into it to gain critical insights. In fact, utilising analytics of some description is now the norm […]