Will you soon be having conversations with your toaster?

Autonomous agents are pushing the boundaries of the way we relate to our technology, but how intelligent can your device really get? As anyone who’s watched any science fiction movies will know, the rise in technology that can think for itself is much anticipated by sci-fi fans and scientists alike. Although real artificial intelligence may still be […]

Oculus Rift set to disrupt the lucrative video games market

Video gaming has evolved into the one of the world’s premier entertainment industries. What does this mean for IT candidates in 2016? In comparison to most forms of media, video games are still are a relative newcomer. However, while many may dispute their viability as an art form or even just a hobby, few can argue with […]

What do smart machines mean for the future of human IT involvement?

How smart will machines get in the future? Research has found that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to make business decisions as technology improves. It has been the focus of innumerable sci-fi films, but now the idea of machines taking over the workplace is a viable one, with renowned research organisations tackling the issue head on. With […]