Is 3D printing the next hot startup trend?

3D printing has gone far beyond what started as a hobby for many people. Now, there are a range of viable industrial applications for the technology. Few technologies carry on the spirit of the original IT entrepreneurs like 3D printers, with the devices enabling both hobbyists and professionals alike to dip their toes in the […]

Consumers will define the future of the technology industry

A number of recent reports have revealed that the future of the technology industry¬†is in the hands of the consumer. How should organisations react? There are two sides to the evolving tech industry. On one hand, innovative startup founders and other global IT leaders are pushing development forward with the products they create and market. […]

Does 3D printing hold the key to success?

Startup success is linked to innovative ideas and technology, with 3D printing helping new businesses make their mark on the manufacturing industry. In the past few years, 3D printing has transitioned from impossible technology to attainable hobby, promoting cheap access to product creation for aspiring startups. Previously, creating a physical product from scratch had been […]