Concluding his trip of the US, Richard ended his trip in San Francisco to catch up with a few interesting people.


The first stop in San Fran was to Apptus (a Salesforce ‘Quote to Cash’ platform) to meet the founders at their offices. Apptus is a Silicon Valley unicorn valued at $2billion who have just hired 500 people in the last 12 months.


Richard then met with a few recruiting organisations to check out the lay of the land and understand operating models that work for Silicon Valley and the Bay Area. It’s interesting to hear that technology professionals simply do not respond to a routine LinkedIn communication anymore. A unique approach and specialisation is required for this market.


Concluding his trip of the US, he had some spare time before hopping on a flight to Sydney so checked out the wineries at Napa Valley and Sonoma – a very pleasant way to end a productive and enjoyable trip!