Talent International’s Managing Director Richard Earl visited the USA recently to meet with like-minded technology entrepreneurs, gain exposure to buzzing start-up ecosystems and learn first-hand about the increasing job opportunities in the San Francisco and Austin tech sectors.

Website Image - Richard in the USA

Part One – San Francisco

Flew into San Francisco to spend three stimulating days hanging out at the technology capital of the world.

What better way to understand this place other than to take a trip around its expansive bay courtesy of Ted Elliott, CEO of our recruitment software vendor JobScience.

Ted Elliott and I take on the bay

We were joined on board by the very able seaman John Navas, who is also a very able technical sounding board to many start-up ventures in California, having close links to the likes of Zuckerberg and Ellison. A bracing day of sail wrapped up at the San Francisco Yacht Club – the oldest on the West Coast.

John Navas displays his outstanding sailing capabilites

The next day, I checked out the JobScience offices followed by lunch with other executives where there was plenty of lively discussion about how best to develop future iterations of our ideas and vision.

Hanging out alongside me with skateboard under arm has been my patient daughter Grace, looking for every opportunity to skate. To her disappointment though, there was no skating allowed on some of those steep San Francisco hills.

Daughter Grace displaying her disappointment at ‘No skating allowed’

Amazing city, very friendly people, and a truly creative vibe. Something we can really learn from in Australia.



Part Two – Austin

As part of my trip to the US, I paid a visit to Austin, Texas – one of America’s rapidly emerging technology sectors, to check out the incredibly active start-up scene.

With amazing tax incentives and great housing affordability, many start-up ventures are choosing Austin as there preferred destination over the likes of Silicon Valley where everything has become somewhat over-hyped and very expensive.

The busy tree-lined Congress Road to the Texas State Capital Building

Austin boasts a great University campus housing over 50,000 students in the downtown area which gives the whole place a young and vibrant feel. Originally known for being the home of Dell, Austin is now producing a wave of highly innovative new tech start-ups. A recent article by Culture Map Austin emphasises the increasing technology job prospects in Austin.

In addition, there is a fantastic music scene which peaks every March alongside the famous South by Southwest set (a set of a film). There are an array of interactive and music festivals and conferences that take place early each year in mid-March. You will have to check out 6th Street if you’re a fan of live music.

A rooftop bar on 6th Street where we experienced a live band 

Whilst in Austin, I met with a number of tech entrepreneurs including IT Recruitment and Acquisition Specialist, Loren Guerra who spoke highly of the opportunities here.

With Talent looking to enter the US market next year, Austin could certainly be a strong candidate as an entry point!