Finally some recent job figures that show what we’ve been feeling for some time – things are not that bad out there – in fact it’s looking pretty rosy especially for us in the ICT sector.


Encouraging figures from Economic and Market Development Advisors in Australia, say that positions such as ICT Support and Test Engineers alone have grown a massive 575 percent since 2003 – interesting to think that 10 years ago ICT Support jobs were barely in existence.

Multimedia and Web Developers have grown a whopping 187 per cent over the same period and this positivity this looks set to continue as all businesses will depend more and more on computer technology and web-based commerce.

On top of the national good news – the savvy city of Sydney is showing signs of a bright future with consultancy firm SGS Economics and Planning, pointing to the new “economic corridor” of Surry Hills to Macquarie Park as the urban, business-development belt that is driving jobs growth in IT, finance, engineering, scientific research, healthcare, marketing and a wave of creative ventures.

Australian independent think tank – The Gattran Institute also says there’s been a sizeable shift in growth in jobs from the “making jobs” to the “thinking jobs”. “The Thinking Jobs” being those in the above mentioned sectors all of which physically come to life in the corridor.  The NSW State Government’s Metropolitan Plan released last year, forecast the “corridor” would add an additional 213,000 jobs by 2031.

It is a nice change to hear good news from the job front.